Construction Services


Heselton Construction's excavation and grading projects range from basement excavation to large site development.  With almost 100 pieces of equipment at our disposal, along with GPS technology, we have the capability to handle any size excavation or grading project.

Recent Projects:

Underground Utilities

Installation of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, and service hook-ups has always been an important part of our business.  From city infrastructure reconstruction to new development infrastructure, we have quality experience and personnel in place to service your project needs.

Recent Projects:

Building Demolition

Heselton Construction, with our own licensed demolition landfill, has become a recognized demolition contractor in Southern Minnesota.  Utilizing decades of experience, we can provide a professional, safe, clean, and cost effective solution to your demolition needs, regardless of size.

Recent Projects:

Demolition materials are sorted on site, concrete and metals are recycled for secondary use.  Non hazardous materials are deposited in our licensed demolition landfill, while contaminated debris are moved to a disposal facility for processing.