About Heselton Construction, LLC

Heselton Construction is a family owned business, established in 1931 by Basil H. Heselton.  Basil started with a single truck hauling gravel for township roads as owner-operator of B.H. Heselton Company.  The Trucking firm grew to include excavating by 1940.  B.H. Heselton Company was incorporated in 1958.

John B. Heselton purchased the company from his father in 1974.  Between then and now B.H. Heselton has grown steadily concentrating in the fields of; construction management, underground utilities, street construction, site grading, building demolition, aggregate sales, and trucking.  In 1999 B. H. Heselton Company changed to Heselton Construction, LLC.

Our Mission

Heselton Construction's mission is to complete every project with a level of quality and service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, allowing us to continually grow, prosper, and position ourselves as an industry leader in our region.

"Safety First" Attitude

At Heselton Construction worksite safety is a priority and part of our company culture.  Safety, communication, commitment, direction, and accountability provide a safe work environment.  All Heselton Construction employees receive safety training as part of their annual orientation.  Internal safety audits are conducted by the safety director.  Heselton Construction's AWAIR program policy statements and goals are reviewed and updated annually.

Heselton Construction supervisors and employees have completed; OHSA 10 training, first aid and CPR certification, and annual "Minnesota Right to Know" training.  Employees also participate in weekly safety meeting arranged by the safety director and scheduled by supervisors.  Heselton Construction offers its employees additional incentives for maintaining safety awareness and encourages employees to identify any hazardous situation and take corrective action in order to maintain our company culture of "Safety First".